Erectile Dysfunction after 50

Though the term erectile dysfunction is quite common these days since there are men who would often turn to be the victim of Erectile Dysfunction largely due to various factors that affect their erection of the penis which is sufficiently required during the time of sexual intercourse. However there is the availability of certain drugs, pills and another form of medication that can be availed and purchased from My Canadian Pharmacy, but it is still important to understand the real causes and various reasons behind erectile dysfunction occurring mostly in men those who have crossed the age of 50. According to researches and studies, it shows that men those who have crossed the age of 50 have developed this disorder mostly due to aging and other factors which are given as follows:

  • heart disease;
  • obesity;
  • certain surgical injuries and damages;
  • diabetes;
  • prolonged use of alcohol over the years;
  • excessive smoking.

About one-third of men suffer erectile dysfunction

Several studies say that erectile dysfunction occurs among men aged 50 to 65 and about one-third of them are most likely to get affected by erectile dysfunction, gradually affecting their sex life to a large extent. The figure estimated approximately 44% and there are several treatments available to treat and cure erectile dysfunction effectively of several ace pharmacies such as Canadian Pharmacy.  However, it is not only about taking pills and drugs to cure erectile dysfunction but an individual must also consider availing these simple natural steps and methods at the primary level in order to cure his erectile dysfunction.

  • regular exercise and fitness in order to keep the body active;
  • thinking in a positive way;
  • managing depressions;
  • tackling stresses;
  • giving up smoking;
  • quitting alcohol consumption.
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Before opting for medications it is extremely important for a man to consider quitting smoking and limiting his alcohol consumption, otherwise, they might fail to observe any significant change which would only lead to further disappointment.

Erectile Dysfunction after 50

Erection dissatisfaction is also quite common among men older than 50 years of age

This mainly starts affecting from the age of 50 and at times it is earlier in case of men who smoke and drink a lot. Though there are definite risks of erectile dysfunction, the risk of erection dissatisfaction is also there which makes a man quite dissatisfied for not being able to get and a maintain an erection firm enough which is required during the time of having sex. Sexual fantasies and thoughts often fail to make those men achieve an erection which would ensure enough firmness required for sexual activity. However, one can definitely consider visiting My Canadian Pharmacy for consultations and advice regarding various complications that may arise due to erectile dysfunction which also gives rise to erection dissatisfaction among men who have crossed the age of 50. In case anyone continues to experience erectile dysfunction for quite some time then there is definitely a need for doctor’s consultation and immediate medical aid in order to cure this disorder which is creating such complication by affecting an individual’s healthy sex life.  Factors that determine an erection dissatisfaction among older men are:

  • alcohol;
  • use of several illegal drugs for a recreational purpose;
  • making love late at night after a long tiring day.

So, one must definitely consider such points and give it thought so that he could stop such irregularities in life which ultimately results in experiencing erectile dysfunctions and erection dissatisfaction among older men who have crossed the age of 50.

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Erection dissatisfaction among older men

How does erectile dysfunction affect men crossing the age of 50?

Erectile Dysfunction mainly causes a great hindrance in proper blood flow to the penis which makes a man unable to reach the point of firmness which is needed for having sex. This brings in lots of complications and dissatisfactions in a relationship which makes a couple feel really unhappy with everything that is happening around. Moreover, erectile dysfunction often hurts a man’s self-esteem and ego which can further give rise to many other psychological complications. SO, it is always suggested visit pharmacies such as My Canadian Pharmacy for immediate treatment and recovery.

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