Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age, Cause sand Treatments

In order to get an erection that is sufficient for sexual activity, the brain, hormones, circulatory system and muscles must work in proper coordination and should stay in sync. Then only one can expect to get a sufficient erection during the time of sexual intercourse. All these mentioned systems work together for filling in the erectile tissue with blood which causes an erection. If the various systems do not work properly then a man is not able to achieve the required erection. There are men suffering from ED who are not at all able to get an erection, while there are others who would experience a moderate erection but not firm enough for sexual intercourse as they are not able to maintain that erection for long, which is actually required during the sexual activity. However, to each of the conditions arising due to ED, there are various causes and suitable treatments assuring a good cure for this kind of a disorder. Medicines required for treating erectile dysfunction can be purchased from My Canadian Pharmacy for better effectiveness of dosage.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in younger men

According to a recent study and analysis, it has been found that ED is quite common in younger men and 26% percent of it tends to occur among men who are less than the age of 40. Possible causes may include the use of several drugs, cigarettes and alcohol which is largely seen among men of a younger age than that as compared to older men. However, there are several other causes behind the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in men which may include:

  • Psychological causes which may include stress, anxiety, doubt, insecurity and the likes. Depression and anxiety can prove to be quite harmful and not at all fruitful in case of achieving an erection since the sexual excitement largely depends upon such psychological factors affecting one’s sex life to a large extent.
  • Cardiovascular causes that may consist of high blood pressure, clogged arteries and the likes can affect an erection causing erectile dysfunction to a large extent as the presence of cardiovascular disease affects healthy blood circulation which is needed for achieving a sufficient erection during sexual activity.
  • Hormonal disorders such as low level of testosterone and an increase in the production of prolactin can result in the insufficient erection of the penis during the time of intercourse.
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So, there are several reasons and causes behind an erectile dysfunction occurring in the life of a young man. So here is a further piece of information about the relevant treatments of Erectile Dysfunction occurring in the lives of younger men.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments available for Erectile Dysfunction in younger men

There are several treatments for erectile dysfunction all around the world which are also available at Canadian Pharmacy but people should also be well versed with the various treatments for having a theoretical knowledge for the same. Here they are listed as follows:

  • Lifestyle changes for a healthy one: Well, it is quite simple to follow and perhaps this is the most natural procedure one can consider. For the ones who smoke and drink a lot, they can immediately choose to quite doing so which will automatically improve their condition and help them to achieve sufficient erection while having sex. This shall automatically lead a man to perform better and reach the most desired erection. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis
  • Treatments via medications: Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) are the most renowned and widely used medicated pills for treating Erectile Dysfunctions.  These pills and medications which are also available at My Canadian Pharmacy help in opening up the blood vessels in the penis in order to increase the blood flow which is required for producing a sufficient erection. But these medicines are not at all available without a proper prescription.
  • Use of vacuum constriction devices: There is yet another safe and effective method of treatment if incase the medications fail. Treatment with the help of vacuum constriction devices includes placing a cylinder over the penis with a vacuum that is created inside the cylinder.
  • Surgery: Last but not the least, if all such medications and methods fail to work well, a patient can definitely opt for a surgical procedure for the ultimate result which includes implantation of a penile prosthesis.
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My Canadian Pharmacy tells about staying positive

This is definitely important no matter what. Staying positive and happy has got a lot to do with the psychology part and this shall automatically help a person to overcome anxiety, stress and depression which would otherwise affect the intensity of ED even more.

So, these are the essentials one must know and follow whenever an individual suffers from Erectile Dysfunction. The probable causes and the relevant treatments must be known to one and all for ensuring the overall effectiveness of various medications.

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