How often Can I Use a Drug for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that occurs in men by affecting the erection of the penis which actually leads to an insufficient erection during the time of sexual intercourse. This makes a man feel depressed and unhappy with his own lifestyle as he is not able to enjoy healthy sex life. This further brings lots of other complication between a couple by making their lives filled with worries and anxiety to a large extent. However, it’s not that this kind of a disorder and dysfunction goes unheard or untreated; rather there are several methods and procedures with the help of which erectile dysfunction can be treated. There are various drugs and medications available at My Canadian Pharmacy which is essential for effectively treating an erectile dysfunction. There are drugs such Cialis, Viagra and Levitra which are quite effective as a useful drug for curing erectile dysfunctions. But, at times people tend to overdo certain things and intake of drugs becomes irregular which can lead to poor effectiveness of the various pills and drugs which are being used by them. So, quite often the question arises that how often can a particular person choose to use a drug for erectile dysfunctions, which calls for some sort of knowledge sharing regarding the various dosages of the above mentioned pills and how often can they be used by an individual.

How often can Cialis be used in order to treat erectile dysfunction?

Cialis is often considered as a beneficial and extremely effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Here is the detailed analysis of how often can an individual use it and what shall be the exact dosage:

  • Cialis during the initial stage should be taken as 10mg before the a particular sexual activity
  • One can consider increasing the dose to 20mg or decreasing it to 5mg which shall depend upon the tolerance level of an individual including his overall health condition
  • For once daily use, the recommended dose of Cialis is 2.5mg which can be increased to 5mg based on an individual’s tolerance level and health condition
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Cialis can be purchased from Canadian Pharmacy but only after producing a proper prescription.


How often can Viagra be used in order to treat erectile dysfunction?

Viagra is one such pill which is definitely considered as the first drug to treat erectile dysfunction. It is pretty much available at the Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and from similarly renowned institutes as well. Here is the detailed information about the various dosages of Viagra indicating how often an individual can use it.

  • For maximum patients at an initial level, the dosage of Viagra is recommended at 100mg, taken at least an hour before the sexual activity
  • One can take Viagra once per day and the dose can be increased to a maximum of 100 mg and decreased to 25 mg as per the tolerance and health condition of a particular patient
  • An individual can consider taking Viagra with or without food

How often can Levitra be used in order to treat erectile dysfunction?

Levitra is yet another option of oral drug which is often recommended by My Canadian Pharmacy to various patients of erectile dysfunction for experiencing an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. So here is the information suggesting how often an individual can use Levitra for treating erectile dysfunction.

  • Levitra is recommended at a starting dose of 10 mg for most of the patients, which is to be taken orally, approximately an hour before the sexual activity
  • The dosage is recommended at a maximum of once per day and sexual stimulation is definitely needed for an effective response to the treatment
  • Quite similar to that of Viagra, Levitra can also be taken with or without food
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One can definitely wish to purchase Levitra from Canadian Pharmacy and start off with the dosage, following a proper frequency of intake as it has been discussed above. Since erectile dysfunction absolutely curable, there is nothing much to worry about but one must however choose to stay alert and secured while using these drugs so that they are taken and consumed in the most effective manner.

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