Prescription: Yes or Not?

There appear new legislative developments under which antibiotics, a number of painkillers, cardiovascular and other drugs have disappeared from free sale. Pharmacists claim that this was done for the sake of the patients’ health. Why are patients not happy with such care?

In fact, the ban on the free sale of prescription drugs has existed for a long time, since 2005. But they were in no hurry to realize it – neither the pharmacists nor their customers. Doctors continued to write appointments on a shirt of paper.

Medicare decided to seriously punish the offenders. However, in the struggle for our health, the patients faced with the need to visit a physician even if you have a slight cold.

If a pharmacy worker sells a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription, he will face a serious fine. As a result, the pharmacy can even be closed for up to 3 months.

Medications marked “prescription requirement” are now forbidden even to put on the showcase. About 70% of the total pharmacy range falls under the restrictions. It is not only psychotropic and narcotic drugs but also all antibiotics, hormonal drugs (including contraceptives), potent painkillers, ampoule dosage forms, a number of cardiovascular drugs, drugs for diabetics and others.

But pharmacists believe that there is no reason for panic. After all, even before many drugs were the only prescription. Those diabetics knew this well. There are painkillers, stomach, heart drugs, which both were, and remained in the free market. The drugs which refer to more potent are prohibited to the sale with no prescription. And this is justified: if you take potent drugs, the side effects become more serious as well. In addition, if you need potent medications, then you need to get seriously treated and visit the doctor.

As a result, My Canadian Pharmacy sells medications which are either prescription or over-the-counter. It is very important to consult a specialist who will specify the dosage mandatory for your diagnosis.